Production of leaflets – from design to print

In today’s world, to provide full or interesting information about goods and services of your company can be by means of printed products. In this article we will look at this kind of printed products such as flyers.

Leaflet – a kind of promotional printed materials, which is a sheet of paper with printed text (on one or both sides), as well as illustrations and other things. This kind of printed products is popular for a long time, but as you know, before the production of leaflets was necessary for the preparation of government decrees. Flyers distribution, also depends on the imagination – they are distributed on the streets, passed from hand to hand, puts in the mailboxes, etc. The nature of the content of this product is: propaganda, information and advertising?

Leaflets report any product or service companies and may contain news, promotions, sales, discounts and other information that will interest a potential customer. Leaflets are considered the most profitable and popular today, moreover it is the most cost-effective form of advertising.

Campaign leaflets – a printed material containing information that encourages a person to action. They are often used by various public organizations, political parties, communities, associations and so on.

Information leaflets – a printing product containing information that informs any event, event, phenomenon.
Digital printing flyers is one of the most popular and profitable ways. Simple but important aspect of the effectiveness of printed materials is a design layouts that can contain all the necessary information, depending on customer preference.

Distribution of leaflets in mailboxes

To date, one of the best options is to spread advertising flyers in mailboxes.

To distributing leaflets worked one hundred percent is required to comply with two points:

  • Spread mailboxes must be done accurately.
  • Information on brochures and leaflets should be written in simple and understandable language.

Turning to our company, you can count on high efficiency of advertising. We develop turnkey projects.
Above booklets, leaflets, newspaper work designers, copywriters and psychologists. With this we get a clear target audience for the selected advertising medium. Our distributors quickly and efficiently deliver it to mailboxes.

How we distribute leaflets?

You mark the circulation of selected areas and periods of mailing. If necessary, a draft addresses. Occurs just mailing in accordance with all requirements of the customer. Each distributor of flyers in mailboxes in our company takes personal control of the work done. If you want your promotional products not only come to the right mailbox, and has been read but unlike a dozen drugih- we recommend that you order a design from us. How Come?

Questions and answers on leafleting

– Why distributing leaflets in mailboxes in the skyscrapers is cheaper than floor buildings and small apartment houses?

– The cost is calculated on the basis of labor peddler. Let’s look at three options. Option one – the high-rise. At promoter has three thousand leaflets. To all of them were in mailboxes, it would need to get around thirteen to fifteen houses. This means that he must go to the sixty or seventy entrances. Get to them is not so easy. Some entrances concierge who reluctantly passed promoters.

In other entrances peddler may face angry grandmothers, which irritates their appearance in the box advertising. Option two – five-story building. Those three thousand leaflets. But, as you can imagine, this is not twenty houses and forty. And of course, it turns out twice as many entrances, concierge and unyielding angry grandmothers. Promoter is spending more time at work and very tired: both physically and emotionally.

Option Three – small apartment house. The scheme is the same: three thousand flyers, but more houses, porches, concierge and pensioners. In addition, in such houses people always notice that went into the entrance of a stranger. Many of them have a negative attitude to the promoters and tear on them your bad mood. Get locked in a smaller more difficult than in the high-rise staircase.

Often, the promoter has to waste time waiting for someone from the residents return home and miss it. We hope that our customers (you) – understanding people. And now you know perfectly well what the difference is the peddler (and hence prices for it) in a given area.

What is the fair price of production of leaflets?

Elena Ilina: Speaking of the mass consumer, it is likely that the flyer just throw. And if it is direct delivery – you can count on interest. Therefore, the cost of manufacturing leaflets should consider the method of distribution.

Tatiana Pantsireva: I think the cost depends on many factors: the audience, the place … And, apparently, from the brand. Duplicate advertisements promoted the brand for duplicator is simply unacceptable.

Pavel Orlov: It depends on the nature of the organization. In any case, the money invested in the production and distribution of leaflets, must pay back the new orders.

Julia Kazachuk: Price depends on many parameters, such as the circulation, by printing method, sometimes the color gamut. Today, advertising production, many companies are engaged, so you should look at the average prices, the quality and production time.

Sergei Golikov: Determine the price of production of leaflets quite difficult, because thus it is necessary to take into account many parameters: size, color, quantity, method of distribution, color and thickness. About return on flyers say even more difficult, because In this case, all the above parameters must be added the demand advertised products/services from sales on the market and etc. For these purposes are carried out so-called advertising campaigns, which are developed individually for each client.

Are there any areas of business in which the use of flyers gives greater and lesser effect?

Elena Ilina: The rule is simple: the more serious the potential customer, the greater should be printing. And in some cases, a leaflet, as a way to deliver information, may even damage the image of the company.

Tatiana Pantsireva: No, more importantly informative leaflets. Moreover, the potential buyer is not interested in the technical details. He needs to guarantee quality, specific prices and terms.

Pavel Orlov: Absolutely. For example, the majority of calls to organizations involved in the delivery of food – merit flyers. Less effect bring leaflets, for example, about the organizations working in technical areas.

Julia Kazachuk: Advertising in metro presupposes a certain audience, ie people who travel by public transport. Accordingly, the advertised goods or services must meet the needs and opportunities of this particular category of consumers.

Sergei Golikov: Flyer is more effective when the layout is made by a professional designer, developed the method of distribution. And the business scope has no effect. Once again, leaflet – quick, inexpensive way to mass and reports the information you need.

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